Global Healing Expert, Hay House Author, and Chakradance™ Founder, Natalie Southgate presents...

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“Chakradance changed my life because as a highly sensitive person, I’ve learned more by
looking inside at the person I really am. I’ve realized that I don't have to hide myself or my true
feelings any longer. Instead, I stay in closer contact with myself and deepest guidance. I’m
thankful and grateful for being part of the Chakradance 'family' who are located all over the
world. Since I became a Chakradance facilitator, I’m happier with my life, and I’ve found making
decisions is easier because I can feel what’s right for me so strongly now. I know what to do and
what not to do. I’m so grateful to have Chakradance in my life.”


- Leonora Kraan, Chakradance Facilitator, Netherlands

Clare Loveless

“Before doing the Chakradance training, I was unaware of my chakras and the
impact they can have on your life. I found that once I started using this beautiful
meditative movement, I became more attuned to, and balanced within, my
chakras, and ultimately more connected to my mind, body, and spirit. I’ve now
incorporated this into my business and life for fluidity and mindfulness.”


- Clare Loveless, Chakradance facilitator, USA

Femke Williams

“I’m just so grateful that I took the step to do the training. I’ve learned to really
open up so much more to trusting my intuition. My insight has skyrocketed; I
now notice synchronicities more; my dreams are as vivid as ever, and I really pick
up on the messages and symbolisms in them. I apply the wisdom to my daily life
to always create something better. I have set my intention to live my life with


- Femke Williams, Chakradance facilitator, UK


“Most of my clients come to me at a crossroads in their life and are not sure
which way to go or what to do. Participating in classes with me as part of
their journey has helped and empowered them to make choices that serve
them and let go of what’s not working in their lives, so they can truly step
forward onto the road of empowerment.”


- Jacquie Shenton, Chakradance facilitator, UK

Karen Quiros

“My clients report feeling physically lighter and a sense of freedom that they
hadn’t experienced before. They’ve danced away energy that was keeping them
small, insecure, and self-critical. They’ve created a deeper connection with
themselves, which brings them a calming sense of peace and expansiveness. The
dance and the music stirs their soul and awakens sleepy parts of themselves to
give them new perspectives.”


- Karen Quiros, Chakradance facilitator, USA

Lesley Hughes

“My clients describe Chakradance as transformational. They feel an emotional
and energetic release, experience shifts in their body/mind, and see changes
taking place in their physical world as a result. Many feel more alive and freer in
their bodies than they have for years as they come to realize that as energy
moves, they can experience relief from aches, pains, and physical restrictions.”


-Lesley Hughes, Chakradance facilitator, UK

Zabeth Cornelius

“Chakradance is different from other modalities in that it is experiential and
transformative. It is “easy” and can be done regardless of levels of fitness or
abilities. It meets individuals where they are at. I’m also grateful to have my
online classes. All the marketing materials supplied by Chakradance have
been most helpful.”


- Zabeth Cornelius-Knudsen, Chakradance facilitator, USA

Brenda Mailer

“I was only a year into my new yoga and coaching business when I decided to
enrol in Chakradance. Chakradance has helped me offer something unique and
fun and given me another opportunity to connect with my community. I’ve been
invited to a number of spiritual gatherings to offer it, been on the radio to talk
about it, and have become known for it in my area.”


- Brenda Mailer, Chakradance facilitator, Canada


“Before I found Chakradance, I knew that my life purpose had something to do
with healing, but I couldn't find anything that felt completely right deep inside.
And I didn't know how to combine my passion with my purpose. Chakradance
totally changed my business, opening up an avenue for healing I’d never
anticipated. I’m now able to combine my deepest passion to help others in a
totally different and innovative way by using ancient wisdom in a modern way.”


- Line Leduc, Chakradance facilitator, Canada

Etoile Du

“Becoming a Chakradance facilitator has changed my life as I
was able to start my own business with it. I feel the combination
of music, mandala art, and dance, and the freedom of it all,
makes Chakradance different to other modalities.”


- Etoile du Long, Chakradance facilitator, Netherlands

Pien Van

“Chakradance changes my life every time I facilitate classes because I don’t just teach it: I do it myself too! I
always jokingly say to my clients, “The reason I’m a facilitator is that it gives me an excuse to work on my
own chakras every week.” Professionally, it gives me much more exposure, a known name to work with (so
many people know Natalie and everybody knows Deepak Chopra), and most importantly, a totally
different way of working with clients (not sitting in a therapist room and talking with them). I love the
interaction in groups, but I also do private sessions with those who really need my full attention. It’s so
beautiful to see the healing occur through Chakradance.”


- Pien van Lambaart, Chakradance facilitator, Netherlands

Shari Irwin

“Although I’m a relatively new Chakradance facilitator, I feel like I’m
doing what I’m meant to be doing. I’ve looked for something like this
for a long time, and finally I’ve found it. Thank you Natalie for providing
this beautiful program!”


- Shari Irwin, Chakradance facilitator, Canada

Lynette mcFadden

“My biggest learning was receiving the therapeutic medicine of Chakradance for myself.

Although the training was online, I never felt alone. I felt fully held, supported, and encouraged,
and I’ve never experienced such a strong connection from an online training before or since.
The business side of the training also further supported my business overall by offering a
structured framework.”


- Lynette McFadden, Chakradance facilitator, UK

Bio Bio

Who is
Natalie Southgate?

Natalie is a Hay House author and the
founder of the movement therapy modality,
Chakradance™. She’s facilitated classes at
Deepak Chopra’s Center in California, led
retreats around the world, and trained
hundreds of accredited facilitators who are
now running classes in over 50 countries.

She’s witnessed thousands of Chakradance
transformations around the world as her
clients and facilitators have healed from
past traumas, emotional wounding, and
generational patterns of sabotage to find
happier, healthier, wealthier, and more
balanced lives. She is also the co-founder of
Inamojo™, a wellbeing program for children.

Natalie’s work has landed global coverage in
print and broadcast outlets, including—

She lives on the beach in Australia with her
husband and two children and is thrilled to
share the power of Chakradance with
facilitators around the globe.


She lives on the beach in Australia with her
husband and two children and is thrilled to
share the power of Chakradance with
facilitators around the globe.